BoardMaps Board Management Software Review

BoardMaps Board Management Software Review

BoardMaps is the only issue-centric software on the market that allows managers to raise issues and include them in board meetings. 

What Is BoardMaps and Who Uses BoardMaps?

BoardMaps allows you to convey to the attention of individual departments and employees of the organization their role in the implementation of the strategy. Strategic maps can be created at any level of management, and representatives of each level will have the opportunity to see their place on the overall strategic map and draw up a personal MTP based on it.

The BoardMaps management software in the organization can be implemented both with the help of consultants and independently. If the system is being implemented independently, it is necessary to release the employees involved in this project partially or completely from performing some duties, at least for the duration of the project. Otherwise, with a high probability, the organization will not cope with the task of implementing the system and conflicts will arise.

Often in practice, when faced with the need to develop BoardMaps for employees, managers begin to “creatively rethink” their job descriptions. As a result, each duty spelled out there turns into a KPI. This is wrong since it makes no sense to reward an employee for his day-to-day work. The employee receives a salary for fulfilling his current duties. You need to try to highlight such KPIs that reflect the final result for a particular process or project and are linked to the strategic goals of the business.

The goal, as some desired state in the future, is filled with powerful motivating content. Goal-setting is the first stage of the management process, when, in accordance with the mission, the main reason for the existence of an enterprise, its role in society, a whole system of goals is developed, forming a complex “tree-like” structure.

Goal setting connects the strategic management of an organization with a management system based on BoardMaps. Before implementing the BoardMaps system, you need to clearly define strategic goals and indicators of their measurement. The formulation of strategic objectives is the beginning of the subsequent planning chain. The goal answers the question: “What to do?”, And the specific tasks arising from it to the question: “How to do it?”

The Main Characteristics of BoardMaps

If BoardMaps information processing activities are to expand and narrow the digital divide, this will require:

  • measures to improve reliability;
  • the relevant legal framework;
  • legislative and security authorities who are familiar with new technologies and able to cooperate with colleagues from other countries;
  • security and information risk management tools;
  • protection tools that will encourage trust in the applications and services offered and in procedures that protect human rights, especially the privacy of personal data.

How strategic objectives are formulated depends largely on the type of governance adopted by the organization. It can be either a reactive type of management, “fire fighting” or a passive type of management when data from the past are used to manage the present when the company does not have a clear vision of the future. Or a proactive type of management, a look at the present from the future. This approach best contributes to the long-term development of the company. The BoardMaps system allows you to manage the future of the company due to the fact that the company manages its activities in key areas and points that bring 80% of the results. Often, even highly qualified specialists with extensive experience do not understand what actions should be taken in order to achieve the goals set by the company.